Determine Your Ring Size

Ring sizing is complimentary.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that your ring be sized and fit correctly. It should be snug, comfortable and be able to glide with moderate pressure over your knuckle. Color Symphony's hand filing of inner and outer ring shank edges will facilitate the ring's movement down your finger and over the knuckle. Rings can be sized up to 1/8" in order to provide the most secure and comfortable fit. Poor fittings may result in loss or damage to rings and chaffing, dryness or rashes on fingers.

Your finger size varies daily due to a number of elements including the time of day, food consumption, exercise, environment and a variety of other conditions. Please note the guidelines below and inform of us any special conditions when submitting your size.

GUIDELINES: Size your finger at two different times of day (preferably during the mid-afternoon through evening hours as your hands swell throughout the day). Each time size your finger twice so that you will have a total of 4 measurements. Do not size your finger more than twice as swelling may ensue and distort further measurement. Please note any of the following:

  • large knuckles and difficulty with sizing
  • excess salt consumption within 48 hours of sizing
  • exercise (strenuous to moderate)
  • medications, arthritis or other conditions that may cause swelling
  • work, activities, recreation and or other issues that involve the hands such as frequent washing, latex gloves, playing an instrument etc.

The following methods will assist you with finding your ring size:

  1. If you have a ring that fits print out this ring size measurement chart (page scaling set at none) and match your ring to the chart. Let us know if the ring you used was thin, thick or had any special design such as a rope design or twist in the ring shank. Click here to download a Ring Sizing Chart for printing.
    Ring Sizing Chart

  2. Take a ring that fits to a quality jeweler to be sized (request a metal mandrel for sizing).

  3. Request a free plastic ring size gauge (shown below) by clicking here. Available and shipped free by US mail (3-5 days) or shipped expedited via UPS or Fed Ex for $15 (1-2 days).
    Ring Gauge

  4. Use this free printable (page scaling set at none) ring sizing tool. Click here to download a Ring Sizing Tool for printing.
    Ring Sizing Tool

  5. For those purchasing a special occasion or surprise gift consult with friends or family members who may know the gift recipient's ring size. You may discretely and at your own risk borrow a ring from the recipient that fits the designated finger.

  6. Do not use string, tape or any material that may twist or stretch to measure or size your finger.

International Clients May Use the Chart Below for Conversions Click here to download a Chart for printing.

Ring Sizing Chart
Courtesy of Jewelry-making Beads Library